The Most Incredible List of Hobbies

 What is a Hobby?

A hobby is a leisure activity that an individual engages in for personal enjoyment and relaxation. 

It is an activity that one finds intriguing, and it is not done for any work-related or other obligatory reasons. Hobbies can range from physical activities such as playing sports, to creative pursuits such as painting or writing, to collecting items such as stamps or coins. 

Hobbies can be pursued alone or with others, and they can provide a sense of community and camaraderie. Many people find that engaging in a hobby helps them to relieve stress and unwind after a long day. It can also give a sense of achievement and fulfillment, as one works towards mastering a new skill or creating something unique. Ultimately, hobbies can provide a healthy escape from the daily grind and add a meaningful dimension to one's life.

  • basketball

  • golf

  • running

  • Walking

  • soccer

  • volleyball

  • badminton

  • pilates

  • swimming

  • ice skating

  • roller skating

  • figure skating

  • rugby

  • darts

  • football

  • barre

  • tai chi

  • stretching

  • bowling

  • ice hockey

  • surfing

  • tennis

  • baseball

  • gymnastics

  • rock climbing

  • dancing

  • gardening

  • karate

  • horse racing

  • snowboarding

  • skateboarding

  • cycling

  • cheerleading

  • archery

  • fishing

  • taekwondo

  • fencing

  • water skiing

  • skiing

  • jet skiing

  • weight lifting

  • scuba diving

  • windsurfing

  • kickboxing

  • sky diving

  • boxing

  • board games

  • brewery games

  • table tennis

  • hiking

  • bowling

  • juggling

  • kickboxing

  • jazzercise/aerobics

  • cross country

  • running track

  • visiting and walking around area gardens

Creative/Craft Hobbies

  • card making

  • quilling

  • Mod Podge crafts

  • wreath making

  • oil painting

  • Watercolor painting

  • acrylic painting

  • pastels

  • drawing

  • doodling

  • sketching

  • sculpture

  • cricut/silhouette crafts

  • Diamond painting kit

  • wood burning

  • paint by number

  • glass painting

  • hand lettering

  • calligraphy

  • tissue paper craft

  • stained glass

  • glass blowing

  • soap making and soap packing

  • candle making

  • origami

  • star gazing

  • metal detecting

  • plan unique date night ideas with a significant other

  • computer hobbies

  • prose writing

  • poetry writing

  • designing graphics

  • designing

  • floral design

  • jewelry making

  • clay crafts

  • magic

  • pottery/ceramics

  • makeup art

  • hair styling

  • photography

  • sewing

  • knitting

  • embroidery

  • crochet

  • quilting

  • scrapbooking

  • bullet journaling

  • home decorating

  • acting

  • making dream characters

  • cross stitch

  • canvas art

  • fashion design

  • collage

  • felt arts

  • party planning

  • miniatures

  • nail art

  • leather crafts

  • puppetry

  • Painting Rocks

  • upcycled art

  • string art

  • tie dye

  • rock tumbling

  • building dollhouses

  • flower pressing

  • small space gardening

  • fashion photography

  • making dolls

  • designing clothes

  • carving

  • growing bonsai

  • collage making

  • printmaking

  • flower pressing

  • going to museums

  • make your own stickers

  • starting a YouTube channel

  • preserving florals and stems

  • sticker collecting

Mental Hobbies

Hobbies that fall into this category are great brain boosters!

They may make you smarter, and may even help stave off declining mental function.

Most of these can be done alone, but some lend themselves well to the community (such as learning a new language by taking a class or traveling with a group of friends).

Mental hobbies also look great on a resume. They help make you a smarter, more well-rounded person-and what interviewer doesn’t want that?

Here are some favorite mental hobbies….

  • reading

  • decorating a planner

  • journaling

  • writing

  • crossword puzzles

  • sudoku

  • word scrambles

  • other word games

  • learning a new language

  • travel and travel planning

  • note taking and research

  • online classes

  • starting a blog educating the public on a topic

  • blogging

  • games

  • book club

  • volunteering

  • brain teasers

  • listening to podcasts

  • creating a podcast

  • quote collecting

  • start a gratitude list

Musical Hobbies

Musical hobbies are so popular and for good reason! They’re perfect for stress relief, building community, and learning a new skill.

Musical hobbies are not my personal forte, but I’d love to pick one to get better at and gain proficiency in!

If you’re interested in a musical hobby, here are some great places to start…

  • singing (solo)

  • joining a choir

  • dancing

  • learning to play classical, bass or electric guitar

  • learning to play keyboard or piano

  • learning to play drums

  • learning to play violin

  • learning to play cello

  • learning to play trumpet

  • joining a band

  • learning how to read music

  • start a music blog

  • learn to write lyrics

  • concert or choir photography

  • listening to music

  • memorizing music lyrics

  • learning about various musicians/music genres

Collecting Hobbies

Collecting an item or category of items is a fun, low-pressure hobby that you can do slowly without a lot of pressure.

If you add an element of learning about and cataloging the items you’re collecting, you’re turning your hobby into a wonderful brain-enhancing activity, too!

I have several collections, and not only are they a source of joy, it can help make it easier for friends and family to give you gifts!

Here are some collecting hobbies that you may want to try….

  • baseball cards

  • sporting event tickets

  • sports jerseys or other memorabilia

  • sports books

  • custom pins

  • autographed pictures or other items

  • sports balls or equipment

  • t-shirt

  • magnets

  • ladybug art or items

  • butterfly art or items

  • red shoe/high heel/glamour items -The one caveat with any sort of animal or item-themed collection-if you let people know about your collection, you will receive these items for gifts forever. I know people with these kinds of collections who almost regretted letting people know about it!

  • LEGO sets

  • postcards

  • Art from around the world

  • travel brochures

  • travel books

  • sea shells

  • driftwood

  • nautical or beach-inspired art or items

  • Art or coffee table books

  • ties

  • shoes

  • hats

  • scarves

  • calendars -Framing favorite calendar pages is a great wall to use your collection for art. You can create an entire gallery wall with your favorite pages.

  • coasters

  • books of matches

  • wine

  • bottle caps

  • rum, whiskey, bourbon or other spirits

  • spirit bottles

  • vintage bottles

  • vintage glass

  • cookbooks

  • figurines

  • boy scouts or girl scouts memorabilia

  • dolls

  • dollhouses

  • birdhouses

  • bird books or items bird-themed

  • vintage spools of thread or sewing notions

  • vintage milk glass

  • depression glass

  • Kawai or Japanese items or collectibles

  • Hello Kitty items or collectibles

  • puzzles

  • spices from around the world

  • model cars

  • matchbox cards

  • candlesticks

  • candles

  • painted/decorated rocks

  • plants

  • mason jars (especially vintage)

  • candles

  • cupcake wrappers

  • china patterns

  • snow globes

  • driftwood

  • Christmas art and decor

  • religious memorabilia

  • holiday books- This is a fun one, especially if you have kids. Collecting and displaying books ahead of a holiday is a great way to get into the spirit.

  • snow-themed items

  • records

  • DVDs or VHS tapes

  • fruit-themed d├ęcor and items

  • specific colored items (example: things that are orange)

  • pez dispensers

  • unusual or hard to find candy

  • mirrors

  • stuffed animals

  • animal-themed items (example: things related to chipmunks)

  • bells

  • video games

  • Harry Potter-themed items (or another book)

  • kitschy artwork or collectibles

  • collecting coffee mugs

  • collecting tea cups

  • collecting teas

  • stamp collecting

  • items related to a cartoon, tv show or movie

  • sheet music

  • musical instruments

  • memorabilia from a specific decade

  • presidential memorabilia

  • vases or ceramics

  • rug beaters

  • cake pans

  • cupcake/muffin pans -Cake pans are another fun collection, especially if you can find vintage ones! I had a bunch a few years ago that I spray painted the same color and hung as wall art in my kitchen.

Food/Drink Hobbies

This is one of my favorite categories of hobbies!

Food and drink hobbies can be done alone, but also work well as a hobby where you can meet other people.

  • cooking

  • baking

  • vegetarian cooking/baking

  • vegan cooking/baking

  • BBQ or grilling

  • cocktails

  • wine, beer or spirits tasting

  • start a food or drink blog

  • start a blog about snacks

  • take a cooking class

  • collect food-related items such as unique spices, teas, coffees, etc.

  • collect cooking related items such as dessert plates, tea cups, china patterns, mugs,

  • collect cookbooks or cooking magazines

  • host a supper club

  • create elaborate dessert bars

  • make a recipe a month

Games/Puzzles Hobbies

A list of hobbies isn’t complete without a section on games and puzzles!

Games and puzzles are a form of hobbies that are perfect for the colder fall/winter months.

Do these online, at home with your family, or with friends for a hobby that can be modified depending on whether you want to practice self-care or make friends and meet new people!

Here are some games/puzzles hobbies to try out…

  • bingo

  • online games

  • sukoku

  • puzzles

  • 3D puzzles

  • card games

  • chess

  • checkers

  • other board games

  • word games and puzzles

  • video games

  • games surrounding a theme

  • lawn games

Model/Woodworking Hobbies

So many people love making things with their hands.

It’s often hard work, but it can be so satisfying to see the end result.

Once you are proficient, these are also great items to sell on places like Etsy, eBay, or at craft fairs.

Here are some model/woodworking hobbies to try out….

  • furniture building

  • model kits (cars, airplanes, trains, etc.)

  • themed model kits (for example: Star Wars or LEGO)

  • building wooden toys

  • wood turning

  • wood burning

  • wood carving

What Are the Top 10 Hobbies?

Wondering about the top 10 most common hobbies? These are the most popular hobbies for people of all ages.

These hobbies are popular for a reason! They’re easy to take up, inexpensive, and versatile!

If you’re just beginning your hobby journey, try one of these…

  • reading

  • doing puzzles

  • walking

  • cooking

  • gardening

  • yoga/pilates/stretching

  • creative writing/blogging

  • crossword puzzles/sudoku

  • sightseeing

  • photography

Hobbies to Make Money

This is a bit tricky because if it’s a hobby, it generally means that you’re not making money from it.

However, very often, when you put a lot of time into a hobby and become proficient at it, your thoughts may naturally turn to how you can make a profit from your hobby.

If this is you, and you’re looking for a list of hobbies that you can hopefully one day turn into a money-making side Hussle, start here…

  • blogging

  • writing a book, poetry or ebook

  • selling items you’ve created (craft items, art pieces, knitted hats, etc)

  • selling vintage items you’ve collected

  • selling baked goods you’ve made

  • selling your skills (for example, turning your party planning hobby into a business)

  • teaching a particular sport you’ve excelled at

  • teaching a musical instrument

  • teaching voice lessons

  • teaching a foreign language

Places you can sell your products include Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and craft shows/fairs

Hobbies for Women

Obviously, there are no gender-specific hobbies.

Anybody can learn and participate in any hobby they choose.

However, some people may be interested in a hobby that would allow them to make some friends and build community with other women.

If you’re looking for a hobby that is predominately enjoyed by women, try this list:

  • sports such as figure skating, dancing, cheerleading

  • activities such as pilates and yoga

  • arts and crafts activities, including crochet, knitting, watercolors, card making, scrapbooking, jewelry making etc.

  • collecting items such as shoe or dress-themed items, tea items etc.

  • book clubs or wine clubs

Hobbies for Men

Once again, anyone can learn and participate in any hobby they like!

If, however, you want a list of hobbies that is predominately male-oriented, try these:

  • most sports, including most contact sports

  • model building

  • woodworking

  • wood turning

  • wood burning

  • BBQ and grilling

  • beer and spirits tasting

  • collecting beer bottles

  • collecting model airplanes, matchbox cars, model cars, etc.

Indoor Hobbies

Especially as the weather cools down, we are looking for hobbies we can do indoors.

While outdoor hobbies have their benefits, indoor hobbies can be done all year round, day or night, no matter the weather.

These are my favorite hobbies to do indoors…

  • reading

  • puzzles

  • journaling

  • sketching

  • painting

  • drawing

  • board games/card games

  • yoga/pilates/stretching

  • listening to music

  • sewing/crochet/knitting

  • writing

  • visiting museums

Hobbies to Do Alone

Likewise, sometimes you want to participate in a hobby with others, and sometimes you just want to do something alone.

Hobbies that you can do alone make for great self-care time!

Here are some of my picks for hobbies to do alone…

  • reading

  • puzzles

  • journaling

  • sketching

  • painting

  • drawing

  • yoga/pilates/stretching

  • listening to music

  • writing

  • sewing/crochet/knitting

  • baking

  • cooking

Interesting Hobbies

Interesting people often have interesting hobbies!

What makes a hobby interesting? Usually, interesting hobbies go beyond the ordinary and usually entail lots of follow-up questions!

If you’ve ever heard someone share a hobby and thought “Oh neat, tell me more!”, chances are, you just had your interest piqued!

Here are some interesting hobbies to make you more memorable and intriguing!

  • having a unique collection (think: items from a particular time period, world event, movie, memorabilia around a person, place, etc.)

  • taking up a not-often-thought-of instrument, sport, or language

  • focusing on a unique food group (for example: wines from a certain region of the world or food such as vegan desserts)

  • skill-specific hobbies such as vintage costume design or stained glass

  • traveling to a specific region or area of the world

  • becoming an Earth advocate–coming up with ways to save the environment,

Easy Hobbies

Sometimes, we’re in the mood for a hobby that is an investment or takes a lot of time and/or skill.

A lot of the time, though, we just want an easy hobby that we can pick up quickly, doesn’t require a huge time or monetary investment, and needs minimal supplies.

That’s where this list of easy hobbies comes in!

Choose one to get started on your new hobby today!

  • reading

  • drawing

  • walking

  • yoga/Pilates

  • stretching

  • puzzling

  • journaling

  • hand lettering

  • card games

  • online games

  • writing

  • poetry

  • meditation

Fun Hobbies

Obviously, something that is fun for one person very well may not be fun for another.

But, there are definitely some hobbies that lend themselves to enjoyment more than others.

Here are some of the most fun and enjoyable hobbies:

  • hobbies that include others and have a competitive edge (a lot of sports and physical hobbies fall into this list).

  • hobbies that include others where you are learning something together (i.e. taking a class together).

  • volunteering

  • bingo or other group games

  • getting together with friends and other social activities

  • creating and working through a bucket list

Do you detect a pattern?

From what I can tell, hobbies that are social in nature and include other people are often the most enjoyable.

Whether it’s a bunko group, a book club, a cooking class, or a team sport, doing a hobby with one or more people can be fun and inspiring!

Hobbies for a Resume

Quite understandably, people often want to know what hobbies would look best on a resume or cover letter.

The best answer I can give you to this is to be true to yourself!

If you are passionate and curious about a hobby, this will show through in an interview if you are asked about your hobby.

In short, having an interest in varied hobbies (2-4) can help make you look interesting, curious and ambitious.

Hobbies for Introverts

If you are interested in activities for introverts, you may want to consider a new hobby!

Hobbies for extroverts and introverts have many overlaps, but if you are looking for an introvert-specific hobby, consider one of these…

  • reading

  • film watching/review

  • starting a blog

  • crafting

  • Cricut crafts

  • starting a YouTube channel

  • podcasting

  • puzzling

  • online games

  • Sudoku

  • walking

  • yoga or Pilates

  • writing

  • drawing

What Five Hobbies Do I Need?

A popular school of thought says you need five hobbies to maximize your potential and self-development.

Use this list as a starting point for the five hobbies you need, but feel free to switch up based on your own needs and interests.

-A hobby to help make you money. Hobbies that help you make money can be a great addition to (or be in place of) a day job. These hobbies can include: making and selling crafts on Etsy or at craft fairs, blogging, selling on eBay, or offering a service such as dog walking.

-A hobby to help you socialize. Being social is so important to human beings to help stave off loneliness. Why not have a hobby to help maintain those social bonds? Hobbies that help you socialize can include club sports, taking an art class, or joining a book club!

-A hobby to help you stay creative. There are so many ideas out there for hobbies to help you stay creative! Consider one of the following: painting, sculpting, drawing, writing, or crafting!

-A hobby that helps you build your knowledge. Knowledge-building hobbies help make us well-rounded. These hobbies can include going to museums, watching documentaries, or doing crossword puzzles.

-A hobby that helps keep you in shape. Fitness hobbies can do double duty in that they can also be social! Consider hobbies such as yoga, tennis, walking, or weight training!

The Most Incredible List of Hobbies

  What is a Hobby? A hobby is a leisure activity that an individual engages in for personal enjoyment and relaxation.  It is an activity tha...